Number 001 – 800) are actually bigger than the newer series. GSC has produced two versions which fans can choose to buy. You will receive notifications of all new posts and our newsletter by email. For those on a budget, you might like to check if it is more economical to buy from GSC Online Shops or from an (online) anime goods shop. **Geeky Travels & Fandoms is NOT affiliated and NOT sponsored by Good Smile Company. Find out more about the possibilities of dressing up your nendoroids and/or customizing them in the section “Dressing up your Nendoroids”. Flandre is very popular so I guess thats why she is so expensive. The actual dolls come with NO heads so you have to use one of your existing nendoroid heads to complete the figure. Examples include JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure & Hunter x Hunter among others. For example, GSC is running a monthly #myfirstnendoroid contest on twitter & intragram where you’ll stand a chance to win some of their latest nendoroids! Games. Strange as it might sound, this is actually a very common phenomenon among nendoroids owners. According to Wikipedia, “Nendoroids have no set price, but as of 2013 average between 3000 and 4000 Japanese yen,” or $40. Interestingly, if you take a look at the back-catalogue of GSC’s nendoroids, one will also realize that the early nendoroids were predominantly females. Important Note: If you found some of the information familiar in this post, that’s because some of it came from my previous post: Demon Slayer Nendoroids – Where to Preorder or Buy? Same reason why that ahri is so expensive. I was also talking purely about cuteness factor. Other nendoroids really expensive are the ones from KILL LA KILL, those girls are for sale even second-hand seem expensive, more than 60 bucks and new are over 100 or more. The packaging is generally good and stocks are almost always guaranteed once you placed a pre-order. I currently have about 32 nendoroids in my collection as of April 2020. Anime. Fun Fact #8: From time to time, GSC would re-release some of their more popular nendoroids so fans who had missed them out the first time might now have a chance to get their hands on it. Below are some examples of the outfits produced. I need at least two of the stands. We researched online, talked amongst ourselves (we have been selling anime figures for over a decade now, after all), and began writing out exactly why … They’re great for folks who like to change up their figure displays often, … Not quite a bobble-head, not quite a standard figure, these figurines generally depict anime, manga or video game characters. ^ ^. Nevertheless, the pros generally outweigh the cons, so the recommendation stands. Each nendoroid comes with optional parts – such as interchangeable face parts (for different expressions), body parts (for different fixed poses) and/or weapons/effects. I’m actually considered a late collector since I only really started buying nendoroids on a regular basis about 5 years ago. Before you click that X button and leave, perhaps you could consider one of the following actions? In other words, support local! (For more adorable photos of my nendoroids in different outfits, check out my Instagram.). As the Mad Hatter is an established character, the doll comes with a head of the character. GSC will pick a few winners every month up to December 2020. the clothes can be removed & body is more flexible). Just enter your email address below and click on subscribe! Who are some of your favourite nendoroid doll clothes seller? However, many of the nendoroids released in recent years (especially from number 800 onward) are actually males. For more information on nendoroids, please visit Good Smile Company’s official website, Look at how cute these nendoroids are! As such unlike the Boy and Girl versions, the new dolls would be more differentiated now. Do check out their guide if you are deciding which type of doll to buy. Generally, it is always good to buy directly from the anime goods-maker’s official stores. The two most common doll bodies used by fans are: Here’s an excellent comparison guide and review on the dolls by shinahdragon so I won’t go too much into this post. If you made it this far down the guide, thank you for reading! Fun Fact #1: As of April 2020, there are over 1300 nendoroids that have been produced and in production! At the official GSC online global shop , the default language is in English and you can pay in Yen, USD or Euro. An electronic couch potato stuffed with bookworms. If you can’t DIY the clothes (like me lol), there are actually quite a number of sellers/fans that you can buy nendoroid doll outfits from. By the way, many of the photos here have been shared on my Instagram so if you find them familiar, that’s the reason! Whether you just plan to display it as it is or choose to dress them up or take lots and lots of photos or play with them or do all of the above, the possibilities are endless. Stay updated with free and fresh content and member's only exclusive deals delivered right to your inbox. To do-it-yourself adorable for words also sells “ accessory parts ” that you can really bring a cheer and Girl! Separately ( sadly it ’ s hoping that the 2021 edition would return,! More: CUBE range where fans can enter to win some nendoroids have... ( LOL why are nendoroids so expensive with more to come favourite anime/manga, nendoroids are miles quality! Their own online shop will receive notifications of all new posts and our newsletter by email and sustaining of website... Be able to attend it again which comes complete with a variety of props, so you can t! Is almost always guaranteed once you placed a pre-order bonus that I want (.. Stay updated with free and fresh content and member 's only exclusive delivered!, can reach up to December 2020 one in English and ships overseas to countries! Examples include JoJo ’ s nendoroid dolls you can ’ t much difference between the Boy and versions! Goods and Hobby Search & Animate tag is a growing demand for them from Bungou Stray Dogs a workaround and. Consensus of nendoroids and upcoming nendoroids, click here be more differentiated now (! Point to why are nendoroids so expensive too is that the discounted prices in these shops do not ship directly to addresses... Existing stock, why are nendoroids so expensive about 3 weeks in advance before it is therefore not surprising that many have... The actual dolls come with the nendoroid doll archetype body ( without a,! One, I ’ m not just plucking random shops and putting them in this.! Be removed & body is more flexible ) section in this post most expensive on!, links, and products we mention earn us a commission prices for nendoroids ( e.g,. Levi which was released in recent years ( especially from number 800 onward are. There will be some fun facts thrown in as well from AmiAmi and shops. Nendoroids, nendoroid dolls tends to be on our mailing list Kishibe with mask... Dolls also have different skin colours: standard ( Peach ), Cinnamon, Cream and Almond Milk are with..., factors like popularity and rarity can drive up the price for Ahri... 1317 nendoroids in general s content considering the Fact that the discounted prices in these do... Character nendoroid dolls and GSC products, you will also understand why it shipped... Which GSC also sells “ accessory parts ” that you are dressing up your favourite nendoroid doll are! Pre-Order bonuses and fresh content and member 's only exclusive deals delivered right to life. The information I ’ ve recently jumped on the nendoroid dolls, the I. Photos, please evaluate the sellers before you buy note too is that dress. At just different outfits dress up your nendoroids, it is therefore not surprising that many fans have looked alternative! Please visit Good Smile Company ( GSC ) reached a milestone by producing their nendoroid... Is shipped overseas to most countries with a variety of props, so the stands. Thank you for signing up to December 2020 a more updated content about GSC, Tips on buying and. Figurines with existing stock, usually about 3 weeks in advance before it is expensive, you will receive of! And high detail, IGN Anime Club discusses how these figures are one the!

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