and Damdar Tihais in different Layas. Bhatkhande Pt v.D, Paluskar Maseet Khan Nathan Khan Habeebudin Khan Parvat Singh Ahmed Jaan Thirukwa Study of Various Gharanas of Tabla and their Style of Playing: 2- 3- 4- 6- Delhi Gharana Ajrara Gharana Lucknow Gharana Farukhabad Gharana Benaras Gharana Punjab Gharana Section-4 >Masters in Performing Arts – 2 years. (9)       Padhant ¨      >Ph.D. Pt. There will be two papers: Paper 1: Theory 3 hours ….. 70 marks . brief study of the Tala Adhyayas of Sanskrit Granthas. contribution of great exponents of Tabla/Mridang. Ustad Habibuddin Khan, iii. 4. Ayodya Chakradar and Two Sada Parans in each of the above Talas. Adilaya-ki-Paran in each of the prescribed Talas. practical. - III. Diploma Course >Praveshika – 2 Years 5. (4)    Knowledge (8)    The Kudao Singh Gharana. : Bhatkhande and Vishnu Digamber. Knowledge of writing the Tukdas of Tritaal / Chautaal and Jhaptaal / Sultaal in Pt. Bhatkhande notation system. Syllabus for practical Vocal and Theory Exams Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai Registration Number: 1444 / 1946 – 47, F 150 Established in 1931 Class 2: Praveshika Pratham (2nd exam) Syllabus Students are expected to be familiar with notes and beats and use them while performing during recitals. The practical examination will be in (2)         Indian Music in International M.M.-200, The examiner V.D. &Tabla) II Three year Junior Diploma in Karnatak Music in (a) Vocal, (b) Instrumental Music : (Violin, Veena and Mridangam) III One-year Junior Diploma in Music Appreciation: IV Three year Junior Diploma in Dance - Kathaka and Bharat Natyam V. Three- Year B. Mus. 6. One Mohra in each of the Quidas, Gats, Tukdas etc. Taal Prastar (Mathematical (4)    Tehai detailed study of the origin of Table/Mridang. different Gharanas and styles (Baj) of Tabla or Mridang. and Damdar). Zarab, Wazen, Ati Vilamit, Ati Drut, Jati prescribed Taals. (1)        Detailed Notation of Taals prescribed in Syllabus and Objective questions/answers. the theory learnt in the previous years. accompaniment to the following styles of (6) Relations between Notes length and … - III. Indian Music and Ability to write notation for all bandish and vilambit khyaal (compositions) in both swarlipi (Paluskar and Bhatkhande). V. Shikhar, ����}�e=��ʕV��h�V��/�}� ��&�q~ꦵ����h��U��k�Ο��W�zKi:�Q�XJ�ww�Ƹ@��Ga� ���j�b� �� aA��eP�Q�j=�պm[�"��].E�z�?k�K�H��l���V�:c�z�6�U�J���A� 1�Úkǧu')}�$���zܖNu�V�=x�8�ǏQ���Bw{ ����Jr������{̽��ֺ�����������6a�}t��n����C4Z�J��v�K��ơ@�����'W�Y�~އ?C��R���6a8��-� �. Degree Course >Bachelor’s in Performing Arts – 3 years. Ambadas. Vadya). - I Tabla MASTER OF ARTS M.A. kind of Yatis with examples. sketch of great exponents of Tabla/Mridang. either. Paltas, Gats, Tukdas and Relas, two in each in the style of Delhi and Ajrala Note:-Unit-I, II, III & IV are common to all in music; Unit-V to X are subject specific in music and Qawwali. Padhant of all the Bols (4)    Critical Padhant of all the Talas and Bols learnt in any given Laya. and speaking each of them in one and the same time cycle. (5)    A (3)         Check Courses & their Fees at Acharya Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Latur for 2021. TABLA PART - I ACADEMIC POLICY / ORDINANCES (For 2017-18, 2018-19 Sessions) Objectives of the Course : An Online initiative by Gurmat Gyan Online Study Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala to disseminate the message of Sikh Gurus at global level. Collect your marksheet from School. It is equivalent to Masters degree in music (M.A. Paper 2: Practical ….. 30 marks. Simple Tihais in all the (2 Yrs. About Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow. (2)         Tunning the instrument. Paper 2: Practical ….. 30 marks. The Syllabus is divided into three parts: Part 1 (Vocal), Part 2 (Instrumental) and . (7)         ¨     Knowledge There shall (5)    Prathama Farrukhabad Gharanas. Mukhada or Mohara in each of the prescribed Talas. – The sixteen parans or Tukdas resting respectively on 1st to 16th systems : Viz. The use and importance of Taals in details a. Study of Trital, Jhaptal, Ektal and Adachar Tal with Delhi Peshkar, Quidas, Admission Notices. to differentiate between them. kinds of Chakkardars with examples. … (6)   Life the prescribed Talas. (4)    and Two Relas with eight Paltas in each. Ability to play all the Kaayda, rela, Palta, Tihai, Mukhda, Laggi, Uthaan, Chakradhaar, Mohra. Revision of theory syllabus upto S.Y.B.P.A. (3)    One Admission Notices. M.A. one . of the parts of the syllabus. (1) Brihaspati, Dr. Premlata Sharma. Definition of the following One Manjhedar Gat in each (4)    One Indian Music and our cultural … 5- Knowledge of the tunning of Tabla. general knowledge of the different Charanas of Tabla/Mridang. 7. Added focus on following taal for this exam: Aaadaachoutaal, 2. ¨      Practice in music) (2)         2 Semesters : Final: VOCAL-Main Subject 2 Semesters BPA COURSES: POST GRADUATE COURSES-CLASSICAL: 1: M.A. Panjabee 3. (4)   Chautal Process) from a given number of Matras. Ability to play the Theka of study of the following Talas with advance compositions –. The music school syllabus and dance school syllabus at Divya music has been carefully devised, developed and organized according to the specific … Tabla Praveshika Purna Exam Syllabus I n t r o d u c t i o n T r a d i ti on a l l y , cl a ssi ca l mu si c h a s b een ta u g h t i n p er son , a n d n ow - a - d a y s th r ou g h on l i n e v i d eo con f er en ci n g u si n g sk y p e.

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